William (Bill) L. Cunningham

William (Bill) L. Cunningham
Acting Director of the Office of International Programs | USGS
Bill Cunningham is the Acting Director of the Office of International Programs at the USGS. In that role, he is the principal advisor for the U.S. Geological Survey regarding international activities and scientific cooperation on a broad range of natural resource and natural hazard science projects. Bill is also the Senior Advisor for International Water Resources and manages select water resource projects in the Office. USGS international water projects include resource availability/assessments, hydrologic monitoring, flood and drought hazards, contamination, transboundary issues, and capacity building worldwide.   A hydrogeologist by training, Bill has conducted resource assessments using groundwater models, investigated environmental contamination problems, and developed data networks at the USGS. From 2012-2017, he was Chief of the USGS Office of Groundwater, overseeing the development of tools and methods (including MODFLOW) for the USGS operational program, transferring technology to USGS groundwater data and investigative activities throughout the Nation, providing a system of quality controls to assure the technical excellence of groundwater field programs, and providing national direction and program coordination for USGS groundwater science. Prior to joining the Office of International Programs, Bill was the Director of the Earth System Processes Division of the USGS Water Resources Mission Area, managing about 150 USGS scientists engaged in water resource assessments and process studies, research, and development across the U.S.

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