Robert Pitt

Robert Pitt
Emeritus Cudworth Professor of Urban Water Systems | University of Alabama
Bob Pitt is the Emeritus Cudworth Professor of Urban Water Systems in the Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering at the University of Alabama. He has been studying stormwater issues for more than 50 years, including its effects, sources, and control. He has written more than 100 publications, including journal articles, book chapters, research reports, and several books. He and his graduate students have conducted research on integrating green infrastructure controls in combined sewer areas; construction site erosion characterization and control, characterization and treatment of emerging contaminants in wet weather flows; stormwater treatment using media filtration; urban PAH sources and fates in marine waters; heavy metal releases from drainage system components; groundwater impacts from stormwater infiltration; beneficial uses of stormwater in times of changing weather; sources and fate of indicator bacteria in urban areas; and continued work on enhancements to the Source Loading and Management Model (WinSLAMM).

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