Joseph D. Hughes

Joseph D. Hughes
Hydrologist | United States Geological Survey
Joseph Hughes is a hydrologist at the U.S. Geological Survey in Chicago, Illinois and works in the Integrated Modeling and Prediction Division. He is currently working on MODFLOW related software development projects including development of a Skeletal Storage, Compaction, and Subsidence Package for MODFLOW 6, implementation of the Basic Model Interface in MODFLOW 6, parallelization of MODFLOW 6, and coupling MODFLOW 6 to Land Surface Models using the Basic Model Interface. Prior to working for the Integrated Modeling and Prediction Division, Joe was a research hydrologist in the Caribbean-Florida Water Science Center and worked on cooperative water projects that focused on numerical simulation of saltwater intrusion and surface-water/groundwater interactions in managed coastal watersheds. In addition to working on cooperative water projects he is the primary author of the finite element, multi-species, density-dependent groundwater flow and transport code SUTRA-MS and the Surface-Water Routing Process for MODFLOW-2005 and a co-author of the Seawater Intrusion Package for MODFLOW-2005, and MODFLOW-USG.

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