Francesca Lotti

Francesca Lotti
Founder | SYMPLE (School of Hydrogeological Modelling and Project-related Strategies)
Francesca Lotti, PhD, is hydrogeologist, modeler, trainer and partner of Kataclima. In 2021 she founded the Innovative Start-Up SYMPLE (School of Hydrogeological Modelling and Project-related Strategies) which intends to promote and facilitate the understanding, use and evaluation of hydrogeological numerical models through a multidisciplinary program (the School), associated with the use of strategies aimed at solving specific problems (project-related strategy); the School involves 40 international experts among prestigious academics, professionals and public officers. She has 20 years of academic and professional experience in field investigations, numerical modelling and uncertainty analysis with MODFLOW and FEFLOW applied to contaminated sites, mine dewatering, geothermal plants, coastal aquifers, civil engineering and more. She collaborates with national and international research institutions and companies. From 2001 to 2014 she carried out research at the University of Tuscia dealing with hydrogeological, hydrogeochemical investigations and modelling of fractured volcanic aquifers and thermal systems. Since 2008 she is adjunct professor at the University of Camerino, where she has followed several MSc and PhD theses. She regularly holds professional courses, corporate tutoring and lectures at the II level Master “Characterization and technologies for polluted sites remediation” at the University of Rome Sapienza. In the last years she devoted her energies in disseminating and training advanced modelling tools (such as PEST) aimed at facilitating the use(fullness) of modelling in the decision-support context.

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