Emmanuelle Petelet‐Giraud

Emmanuelle Petelet‐Giraud
Head of the Isotope Geochemistry Unit BRGM (French Geological Survey)
Emmanuelle Petelet‐Giraud is PhD in isotopic geochemistry with 22 years of experience. She has been joining BRGM in 2000 after a post‐doctoral position. She is a specialist of application of isotopic tracers (both radiogenic and stable isotopic tools) in environmental studies. Her research activities focus on the active management of water resources especially on the hydrosystem functioning: relation between surface and groundwater, water‐rock interactions and on the tracing of pollution sources (agriculture, domestic or industrial) at the basin scale. She coordinated, together with Brazilian representatives, the French-Brazilian research project COQUEIRAL (ANR/FACEPE/FAPESP funding, 2012-2015, 9 partners),”Challenge Of water Quality in Urban Environmental Issue: Recife Aquifers and Land use. How to face groundwater salinization and contamination under global environmental change in its societal context”. She worked as Work‐Package leader in charge of dissemination activities in EU‐FP6 Project EUROWET. She was co‐Work‐Package leader of the FLUXES program of EU‐FP6 Project AQUATERRA, activities focus on inter‐compartment fluxes from soil-groundwater-surface water. At the national level, she initiated and managed projects dealing with water quality (diffuse pollution), relations between surface and groundwaters, watershed functioning during flood events, all through geochemical and isotopic tools. She was in charge of the BRGM Scientific Programme « Isotopic Tracers and Geochronology » between 2012 and 2018. Since 2017, she manages the Isotope Unit (18 people) in BRGM Laboratories (Water, Environment, Process Development and Analysis Division). She has published 68 peer-reviewed ISI-listed journal articles (H-index 22) and more than 170 communications to national and international congress. She is a regular reviewer and referee for international scientific journals.

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