Eberhard Braune

Eberhard Braune
Associate Professor | University of the Western Cape
Eberhard Braune has had a 42 year career with the Department of Water Affairs, initially in South West Africa and then at Head Office in South Africa, among others as Director of the Department’s Hydrological Research Institute and of the Directorate Geohydrology. Here he led the production of the first national hydrogeological map series for South Africa and has published extensively for the Water Research Commission of South Africa. He holds an MSc (Eng. Hydrology) from Imperial College, London and a PhD (Science, Honoris Causa) from the University of the Western Cape. After retiring he joined the University of the Western Cape as an Associate Professor. His teaching focus in the Department of Environment and Water Science of the university has been Integrated Water Resources Management. Together with Prof. Yongxin Xu, he served as specialist consultant to UNEP and UNESCO with regard to groundwater resources management in Africa, with transboundary groundwater resources governance as his special interest. He recently helped with the drafting of a National Groundwater Strategy for South Africa. He has served for many years as chair of the South African chapter of the International Association of Hydrological Sciences and received Life Honorary Membership of the Groundwater Division of the Geological Society of South Africa.

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