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COURSE OBJECTIVES: The aim of this course is to enable the participants to work efficiently with MODFLOW 6 using the FloPy package for python. The course assumes that the participants have some basic knowledge of groundwater modeling. It will cover an introduction about MODFLOW 6 and python in order to allow everyone to start from the basics and will progressively tackle more advanced functionalities and packages.

COURSE OVERVIEW: We will be learning to use the latest version of MODFLOW (MODFLOW6) during the class. We will go over the different discretization options in MODFLOW 6 and develop some simple MODFLOW 6 flow and transport models. We will be developing MODFLOW 6 datasets and post-process model results using python and the flopy python package.

PRIOR KNOWLEDGE: Some groundwater modeling experience (preferably with MODFLOW); Some basic experience with python would be beneficial. There are some free online python courses (for example, that could be taken prior to the class.

INFRA NEEDS: Students will need a relatively good internet connection for the presentation portion of the class. The video class will run concurrently with the online environment that we will be using during the hand-on portion of the course. We will be monitoring the chat during the class to address conceptual and technical issues.



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