Scientific Program

Between the September 21st and 24th, 2020 we will hold the first part of our event, it will be ONLINE and FREE! The panel that will be held at 11:30 am (BRT) is international, will be held in English with translation into Spanish and Portuguese, since the panel that will be held at 04:00 pm (BRT) is national, aimed to professionals in Brazil and will not have simultaneous translation. See our schedule below.

Language: English
Simultaneous translation will be provided for Spanish and Portuguese
11h30 (BRT)
02:30 pm (GMT)
NATIONAL | For Brazilians
Language: Portuguese
No simultaneous translation will be provided
16h00 (BRT)
07:00 pm (GMT)

Interview with John Cherry

Interviewed: Dr. John Cherry, The Groundwater Project

Dr. Everton de Oliveira, HIDROPLAN | ABAS | The Groundwater Project
Dr. Miguel Rangel Medina, President, ALHSUD
Bruna C. Soldera, President, Early Career Hydrogeologists’ Network Brazil

Watch here the recorded session

Groundwater and sanitation

President: José Paulo Netto, President, ABAS

Federico Lagreca, CEO, SUEZ Brasil
Oscar Cordeiro Netto, Director, ANA

Watch here the recorded session


Waterwell: Why is legality not more attractive?

President: Ricardo Hirata, Director, CEPAS | USP

Speaker: Stephen Foster, Professor, University College London

Debater: Emilio Custodio, Professor, Universidad Politécnica de Catalunya

Watch here the recorded session

New contaminants of interest in groundwater

President: Rodrigo Cunha, Coordinator of Contaminated Sites Remediation Course, SENAC

Aluisio Soares, Technical Director, EVA Way Environmental Projects
Willem Takiya, Environmental Coordinator, Arcadis

Watch here the recorded session


Water security and climate change

President: Ricardo Andrade, Director, ANA

Alice Aureli, Water Science Division, UNESCO
Carlos Molano, Vice President – Latin America and the Caribbean, IAH

Watch here the recorded session

Legal advances for the use of groundwater in Brazil

President: José Paulo Netto, President, ABAS

Claudio Oliveira, Ex President, ABAS
Wladimir Antonio Ribeiro, Lawyer, Manesco Associados

Watch here the recorded session


Groundwater and poverty

President: Roberto Kirchheim, Hydrogeology Researcher, National Geological Survey

Jurgen Mahlknecht, Professor, ITESM
Kevin Pietersen, Extraordinary Senior Lecturer, University of Western Cape
Tushaar Shah, Former Director Institute of Rural Management, International Water Management Institute

Watch here the recorded session

Hydrogeology in complex areas: Why do we live more by luck than by technique?

President: Didier Gastmans, Researcher, UNESP

Speaker: Edson Wendland, Director, EESC-USP

Debater: Gerson Cardoso, Professor, UFRJ

Watch here the recorded session



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