Brazil is deservedly well known for its great football and music, a sure recipe of joy. The 2021 Groundwater Congress will highlight that water makes up this joy into a trinity since Brazil has about 10% more water than the other two countries that have most fresh water in the world together.

Our groundbreaking 2021 Groundwater Congress gathered three large water groups, International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH), Latin American Groundwater Association (ALHSUD) and Brazilian Groundwater Association (ABAS) to bring you a meeting with proposal and objectives.

Groundwater professionals bring joy to places where water is scarce and health is threatened by it. A local well put in place by technology and knowledge that we worked to create and disseminate changes the lives of people for better. These experiences are wonderful and shared among the members of our groundwater community.

Our 2021 meeting will engage the largest global groundwater community in the world. Enough of events that start and finish on given dates and leave little legacy and with frontiers between participants and society. Engaged community is the future of the events. And our event has already started with the construction of the community of the members of the participant entities who have the opportunity to digitally interact now.

Through our meetings we change the world because with them we built relationships, we share experiences, we know results from research, we better the public policies and we have access to all the products that the industry and service providers have created and developed.

Groundwater is paramount to sustainability and we mean it by our day to day work and research. Come to the 2021 Groundwater Congress in Brazil and share the joy to participate in the event that points towards the future of the groundwater community, with samba and football.


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