Our groundbreaking 2021 Groundwater World Congress gathered three large water groups, International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH), Latin American Groundwater Association (ALHSUD) and Brazilian Groundwater Association (ABAS), and its events, 47th IAH Brazil Congress, XV Latin American Congress of Hydrogeology, XXI Brazilian Congress of Groundwater, XXII National Meeting of Well Drillers and National Water Fair, aims to create and engage the largest groundwater community in the world and to prove the advantages of its use a all user sectors, products and services demonstration, in addition to promoting knowledge and networking.

And we innovate again for this!

The event has already started and will be held in two phases, the first being 100% online between 9/21/2020 and 8/20/2021. During this period and in an unprecedented way, FENÁGUA 2021 will be held entirely in a digital and interactive environment. A series of meetings, lives, webnars and discussions will also be promoted, addressing relevant and innovative themes presented by industry references. On the other hand, the second phase will take place between 08/22/2021 and 08/26/2021 also in a 100% online format.

There could not be a more appropriate country to host this innovative event, since Brazil has about 10% more water than the other two countries together that have more fresh water in the world.

The 2021 Groundwater World Congress will bring you a meeting with proposal and objectives.

Groundwater professionals bring joy to places where water is scarce and health is threatened by it. A local well implanted by the technology and knowledge that we work to create and disseminate changes people’s lives for the better. These experiences are wonderful and shared among members of our groundwater community.

Our meeting will involve the largest global groundwater community in the world! Engaged community is the future of events and we have already started ours. Everyone in our sector has the opportunity to interact digitally by now.

Through our meetings we change the world, from them we build relationships, share experiences, learn about research results, improve public policies and have access to all products that industry and service providers create and develop.

Join the 2021 GroundWater World Congress in Brazil and share the joy of participating in an event that points to the future of the groundwater community!



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