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Brazil will have the honor of hosting the IAH and ALHSUD events, which will join ours, of the Brazilian Groundwater Association, in promoting the largest groundwater event that will take place.

Pandemic made it impossible to hold the face-to-face event, originally scheduled to take place from September 20th to 26th, 2020.

Our decision? It was innovating!

  • Between the September 21st and 24th, 2020 we realized the first part of our event, ONLINE and FREE! All sessions are available for access through the ABAS YouTube channel.    Watch here
  • Between September 25th, 2020 and August 20th, 2021, we will have biweekly webinars and lives, among marketing, technical and scientific, inspirational, professional training themes, among others.
  • Between 08/22/2021 and 08/26/2021 the events takes place in a 100% online format.

Registration is free, but must be done by clicking here.

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We already have more than 900 people within our 10 WhatsApp groups, who discuss the themes defined for this edition of the Congress.

Schedule yourself and be with us throughout this journey.

The great moment of groundwater has arrived in Brazil and in the World!

Language: English
Simultaneous translation will be provided for Portuguese
11h30 (BRT) | 02:30 pm (GMT)
10/22/2020 Water for future generations: the urgent need to increase managed aquifer recharge
President: Dr. Everton de Oliveira, HIDROPLAN | ABAS | The Groundwater ProjectHow India has become the country with more Monitored Aquifer Recharge (MAR) systems in the world
Speaker: Prof D C Singhal, President, IAH Indian National Chapter

Increasing groundwater basin yield with managed aquifer recharge
Speaker: Adam Hutchinson, Recharge Planning Manager, Orange County Water District

How MAR faces up climate change adverse impacts
Speaker: Dr. Enrique Fernández Escalante, Co-coordinator, Commission on Managed Aquifer Recharge of the IAH

Recharge and quality, compensation for water use.
Speaker: Bruna Soldera, President, IAH Early Career Hydrogeologists’ Network BrazilWatch here the recorded session

11/19/2020 How isotopes enhanced our understanding in GW: Experiences around the world
President: Dr. Didier Gastmans, Researcher, UNESPIsotope Hydrology applications in uncovering the hidden groundwater resources in Africa
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Seifu Kebede Gurmessa, Sub Saharan Africa VP, IAH

Susceptibility of groundwater used for public drinking water supply in the United States
Speaker: Dr. Briant Jurgens, Research hydrologist, US Geological Survey

Radiokrypton and Radioargon Dating – From One to One Million Years
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Zheng-Tian Lu, Professor of Physics and the Dean of the School of the Gifted Young, University of Science and Technology of China (USTC)Watch here the recorded session

02/18/2021 Gender and Groundwater
President: Viviana Re, Assistant Professor, University of Pisa, Italy and IAH Socio-Hydrogeology Network ChairTowards Gender-responsive Groundwater Management: The role of Sex-disaggregated Data
Speaker: Laurens Thuy, Gender & Communication’ Officer, UNESCO World Water Assessment Programme

Women as Changemakers – Experiences from a Project on Participatory Groundwater Management in India
Speaker: Theresa Frommen, Post-Doctoral research Fellow, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany and and IAH Socio-Hydrogeology Network Co-Chair

Is there gender inequality in the groundwater sector? A Brazilian Scenario and initiatives carried out on the subject.
Speaker: Ana Maciel de Carvalho, Assistant Professor, Federal University of Jequitinhonha and Mucuri Valleys – UFVJM, BrazilWatch here the recorded session

04/29/2021 The effect of global climate change on groundwater – from Brazil to Belgium
President: Everton de Oliveira, President of the Organizing Committee of the 47th IAH CongressClimate change on groundwater availability in Belgium: problems, effects, and solutions
Speaker: Marijke Huyamans, Professor, Vrije Universiteit Brussels (Belgium) – Chair of the Scientific Committee of the 48th IAH Congress

Seeking groundwater-based solutions to clean up the mess caused by global climate change in Brazil
Speaker: Ricardo Hirata, Chair of the Scientific Committee of the 47th IAH Congress – Director at Groundwater Research Center, University of São Paulo (CEPAS|USP)

David Kreamer, President, International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH) – Professor at the University of Nevada
Speaker: David Kreamer, President, International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH) – Professor at the University of NevadaWatch here the recorded session


What do we need to know, use and manage underground water in Latin America?
President: Miguel Rangel Medina, Presidente, ALHSUD


How to protect and use a resource that you have never seen: Latin American experiences
Ricardo Hirata, Chair of the Scientific Committee of the 47th IAH Congress, Director at Groundwater Research Center, University of São Paulo (CEPAS|USP)

Groundwater human resources development in Latin America
David Bethune, Hydrogeologists Without Borders

Lessons learned from experiences with transboundary aquifers
Jorge Rucks, Consultor y Ex-Director de CeReGAS, Unesco




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