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To start the theme discussions of World Groundwater Congress, result of the joining events from IAH, ABAS and ALHSUD, to be held in August 22nd – 26th, 2021 we have created Whatsapp Groups by themes to build the largest groundwater community in the world.

We are more than 900 participants already. Access one of the groups below through the QR Code or link.

Please, pay attention to some important rules:

  • Whatsapp groups have a 256 member limit
    Members of the organizing institutions are priority but the groups will be open to nom-members as well
  • Each group will have one moderator responsible to organize and foster discussions
  • The groups will have people from all over the world, the language must be English
  • Audio messages are not welcome and must be avoided
  • Offensive or prejudice messages will not be tolerated, moderators have authority to exclude the participants
  • Messages with unrelated content will not be accepted (e.g., jokes, porn, politics etc.)
  • Participants must be aware to use short messages only
  • Be purposeful, avoid unnecessary criticism
  • Check every post for fake news before posting it
  • Advertisement of product, services or companies will not be accepted
  • Staying in the group after joining is not mandatory
  • If you feel offended, please notify the group manager who will take the appropriate measures

Stay with us! We are sure that building our community we will make groundwater more accessible to anyone and we will promote the largest world mobilization for water in August 2021!

About the events:

The World Groundwater Congress is the reunion of the events:

  • 47th IAH Congress – BRAZIL 2021, event promoted yearly by the International Association of Hydrogeologists
  • XV Congreso Latinoamericano de Hidrogeología, event promoted every second year by ALHSUD (Asociación Latinoamericana de de Hidrología Subteránea para el Desarrollo)
  • XXI Congresso Brasileiro de Águas Subterrâneas, XXII Encontro Nacional de Perfuradores de Poços e a Feira Nacional de Água, events promoted every second year by ABAS (Associação Brasileira de Águas Subterrâneas)



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Dear Groundwater World Congress (47th IAH Brazil Congress) participant,

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